Emma Kouros Backing vocals: The Ballad of Sir Hudson Lowe - Topol's Pencil Em.Ma - one of Greece's most talented singers and owner of Roger D'Arcy-designed Twenty8 Studios in Athens. "..... and my friend. Emma was the very first to encourage me to take the leap...." RD

Rusty Young Pedal steel guitar: Bonaparte's Bedroom Recorded with The Buffalo Springfield before going on to co-found the legendary country-rock band, Poco at the end of the 60s. "A confession - Rusty has been a hero of mine since schooldays." RD

Imer Demirer Flugelhorn: Topol's Pencil. One of Turkey's leading jazz musicians. "Imer's contribution adds the haunting dimension that I only dared to dream of - Pieter (Snapper) guided the dream into a reality." RD

‘Velvet Ghosts’ @Jaffa Sound, Israël - ‘Fool Me Once’ @ Le Doyen, Ukraine - The King’s Shilling @ 9X TV, India - The Road To Stameen @ Beechpark, Ireland - The Shirt Upon My Back @ Twenty8, Greece - MORE TO FOLLOW