Latest release by Roger D'Arcy - available from November 25th 2020

Written and performed by Roger D'Arcy -  a tribute to legendary English folk singer Nick Drake who died aged 26 on November 25th 1974 - perhaps his most widely known song and album of the same name is Pink Moon released in 1972. 

The Moon Is Pink is the title track of a 7-track EP (all original compositions by Roger D'Arcy) - this release brings to a close the two year World Recording Tour project which kicked off with the sessions for the song Velvet Ghosts at Jaffa Sound in Israel in early November 2018. 

Recorded @ Beechpark, Ireland in March 2019 and @ Southview, UK in March 2020 - Produced & mixed by Jonathan Miller of Chameleon Collective - Mastered by Pieter Snapper @ Babajim, Turkey. 

Epiphone acoustic guitar & vocal: Roger D'Arcy 

Drums: Jason Duffy 

Bass: Jonathan Miller 

Hammond B3: Jed Allen 

Electric guitar: John Dimes

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