'Derbyshire' - the latest release from Roger D'Arcy - 24th August 2020 

'Derbyshire' is the 7th single by Roger D'Arcy from the ongoing World Recording Tour. Recorded  at Pluto Music in Cheshire, England - produced, engineered and mixed by Daniel Hopwood.

Featuring Greg Burnell - bass, Daniel Hopwood - electric guitar and harmonica, AD Neil - drums and the legendary Keith Hopwood (Herman's Hermits) - backing vocals.

Mastered by Pieter Snapper at Babajim Studios in Istanbul, Turkey.

The accompanying YouTube video was created by GoGo for GoGoPix in Athens, Greece - filmed in the Ardèche, France by Soline Krau, JNK and in Derbyshire, England by Phil Burton..

Pieter Snapper - 'Into The Green' 

The 3-track EP - released over all digital platforms August 5th 2020 

'Into the Green' is the first full-bore club music release from renowned İstanbul-based producer, composer, and audio engineer, Pieter Snapper. This genre-defying EP blends funk, indie techno, and progressive house with acid 303-flavored basses and a quirky love of complexity and formal teleology. His acoustic works aside, Snapper’s previous electronic releases all played with groove and a love of club music while staying in the abstract world of the concert hall. Not this one. 'Into the Green' is fully and unabashedly for the dance floor, no holds barred.  

All titles published by Longsongs Music Limited

'The Shirt Upon My Back' - Lyrics 

I met with my accountant  

He was better dressed than me 

He'd been counting up my money  

But he doesn't count for free 

He said most is for the tax man 

Not much of it was mine 

And he showed me rows of figures 

I had paid for every line 

And the lesson learned 

Cost me the shirt upon my back 


I spoke with my PR man 

Many thousand miles from home 

He'd been struggling to place me 

I was falling between stones 

And he said I wasn't country 

I should put my faith in folk 

And he told me his great master plan 

I told him I was broke 

And the lesson learned 

Cost me the shirt upon my back 


Seems I'll never get ahead of the game 

But I've learned my lesson well 

And I'll never get ahead of the game  

But I'm still here to tell the tale 


I started out quite strongly 

I got sidetracked pretty soon 

And the stars where I was aiming 

All got hidden by the moon 

So I wasted many years 

Trying to find my way around 

But the roads I chose were hard ones 

Always up and never down 

And the lesson learned 

Cost me the shirt upon my back 


Seems I'll never get ahead of the game 

But I've learned my lesson well 

And I'll never get ahead of the game  

But I'm still here to tell the tale 


For each step going forward  

There were two more coming back 

Then I stumbled in the darkness 

And I tumbled from the track 

So I stopped to heal my bruises 

I had started to forget 

That the answer's in the journey  

And not how far you get 



Written by Roger D'Arcy - (c) Longsongs Music Limited 

'The Shirt Upon My Back' - the new single from Roger D'Arcy will be released 12th June 2920 


Recorded at Twenty8 Studios in Athens and Beechpark Studios in Dublin. Mixed and mastered by Pieter Snapper at Babajim Studios in Istanbul. This is the 7th single release from the ongoing World Recording Tour and features Emma Kouros (Backing vocals), Karolos Kakaras (Bass), Paul Kelly (Mandolin) and Frankie Lane (Dobro). The cover photo was taken on the Mumbai leg of the tour by Aditya Chinchkar and the accompanying video was filmed and produced in Athens by GoGo for GoGoPix (please do subscribe to the GoGoPix Youtube Channel). 

'Which Way Will The Wind Blow?' January 24th 2020 

The latest release from Roger D'Arcy's World Recording Tour - this new original song was recorded at OC2 studios in New York in October of last year and will be available on all usual digital streaming and download platforms from January 24th. More of a country feel than recent releases and featuring backing vocals from the fabulous Tucker Twins, Jeff McManus on drums and Pran Bandi on electric guitar. Produced and engineered by Mike O'Connor and Pran Bandi. Mixed by Mike O'Connor at Rainmaker Studios in Richmond VA and mastered by Pieter Snapper at Babajim Studios in Istanbul. 

World Recording Tour  

The 4th and latest single recorded on the Irish leg of Roger D'Arcy"s ongoing World Recording Tour at Beechpark Studios, Dublin. Produced, mixed and mastered by Daire Winston and featuring Paul Kelly of Fleadh Cowboys on mandolin. Available for streaming on all the usual platforms - or download to support the project. 

August saw Roger recording with founding member of Herman's Hermits, composer Keith Hopwood, at his Pluto Music studios in the UK - the very first studio designed by Roger at Recording Architecture in 1987. 

After the live launch of 'The Road To Stameen' album on October 13th at Beechpark, Roger travels directly to New York to record at OC2 studios which he designed only a couple of years ago.

'The King's Shilling'  

The latest release from Roger D'Arcy's ongoing World Recording Tour series - recorded and mixed by Nikkhil Shirodkar at 9X TV in Mumbai, India. Mastered by Pieter Snapper at Babajim Studios, Istanbul, Turkey. Cover photography by Aditya Chinchkar courtesy of Cineom Broadcast India. Available to download and stream from September 4th 2019. Special acknowledgement and thanks  to the driver of auto rickshaw MH.47.AJ.1460 - a patient man who did not want to give his name. 

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